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The Best Bushwalks in Port Stephens

By Taryn Blight on Dec 9, 2021 10:55:03 AM

Port Stephens is one the most special places in the country, with the largest moving coastal sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, a thriving and diverse marine environment of the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park that stretches north from Birubi Beach to Forster and is home to various species of dolphins, turtles, fish, and seabirds, and mountains that look like they belong on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean rather than the mainland.

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Our guide to Shoalhaven's Top 5 Walks

By Taryn Blight on Oct 21, 2021 1:03:47 PM

Not only does Shoalhaven encompass the world-famous Jervis Bay with its pristine white sand beaches and rich and diverse marine life including many that are endemic to the area, but it is also home to ten National Parks, and as a consequence, it is no surprise that the region is a fantastic spot for avid bushwalkers as well as those just looking for a leisurely stroll in nature.

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Day Trip Stunning Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast

By Taryn Blight on Apr 14, 2021 9:00:12 AM

If you are looking for the perfect place to escape to for a weekend, week or more, there is no better place to unplug and reconnect with nature than stunning Shoalhaven on the New South Wales south coast. Stretching from Kangaroo Valley and the historic town of Berry in the north, almost all the way to Batemans Bay in the south, and with spectacular Jervis Bay to the east, this region has an abundance of natural beauty and potential for adventure on offer.

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Day Trip to the Hunter Valley

By Taryn Blight on Nov 27, 2020 4:01:00 PM

Intersected by the winding Hunter River, flanked by highland areas to the north and south, and home to the country's oldest vineyards, and a mere three hours north of Sydney, and two hours from Newcastle, it is easy to see why the Hunter Valley continues to be such a popular holiday destination as well as the largest growth centre in the state of New South Wales. For those considering a holiday at Seaside Holiday Resort in Fingal Bay, the Hunter Valley is only a two-hour drive away and makes a perfect destination for a day trip.

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The Undeniable Beauty of Jervis Bay

By Rebecca Beaton & Taryn Blight on Oct 30, 2020 2:56:34 PM

Nestled three hours south of Sydney, Jervis Bay is undoubtedly home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Australia. In fact, with its white sands and gorgeous aqua coloured waters, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve landed on your own Pacific Island paradise.

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Whale Watching in Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven

By Taryn Blight on Aug 7, 2020 2:29:05 PM

The stunning clear waters of Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven make for some remarkable whale watching. With sands that are the whitest of white, and an ocean teeming with marine life, the region is a favourite spot for romantics, families and adventurists alike.

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Whale Watching in Spectacular Fingal Bay

By Taryn Blight on Aug 7, 2020 2:28:47 PM

Picturesque Fingal Bay is the perfect holiday destination for whale-watching aficionados and photography enthusiasts alike. Situated in New South Wales’ Port Stephens a mere two and a half hours north of Sydney, the region boasts the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern hemisphere and features a plethora of natural wonders from its pristine oceans to its enthralling national parks. 

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Experiencing the Annual Humpback Whale Migration on the Coffs Coast

By Taryn Blight on Jul 31, 2020 10:43:57 AM

The ultimate nature experience for the genuine wildlife lover is to view the majestic humpback whales on their yearly migration along the Australian eastern coastline. There truly is no way to adequately describe to someone the awe-inspiring feeling these gigantic mammals leave you with.

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Waves to Wilderness there is so much to see in Urunga

By Rebecca Beaton on May 27, 2020 7:51:28 PM

There is so much to see & do while staying in Urunga and visiting our Award Winning Riverside Holiday Resort 

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